Biodegradable Case iPhone 11 Pro Max - 100% Natural Material - High Impact Protection - Pink


Biodegradable Case For iPhone 11 Pro Max - 100% Natural Material - High Impact Protection - Pink

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Product Description

Made from sustainable and responsibly sourced natural material, our 100% biodegradable cases offer best in class impact protection without adding too much bulk to your iPhone.

Every year its estimated that 1.5 Billion phones are sold worldwide, with an approximate 79% of smart phone owners opting to have some kind of protective case. On average people upgrade every 2 years, this results in millions of cases being sent to landfill every year.

Cases are typically made of non-recyclable plastics, synthetic leather and animal products making them very unfriendly to recycle.

Working with a leading manufacturer in China who share our mindset, they have helped us develop a material with similar properties to polycarbonate, that is 100% biodegradable. This results in phone cases that not only offer high levels of impact protection but also protect the environment.


  • Solid high impact protection
  • Protruding edge to provide buffer protection for your screen
  • Fully compatible with screen protectors
  • Strong tactile button feedback
  • 100% Biodegradable, fully degrades within 12 months with the right temperature and moisture conditions (such as buried in soil or compost)
  • Made from natural material, primary soil, wheat, rice, straw and Soybeans
  • 90% PBAT+10%PLA material, fully renewable and biodegradable
  • During normal use the case can be used for 1.5-2 years before requiring replacement
  • Shipping packaging is made from recycled and widely recyclable material

Colour: Pink (due to the nature of the material used colour can vary slightly)

Compatibility:Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Colour: Pink
Product Type: Phone Case
Compatible Model: iPhone 11 Pro Max
Condition: New

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