Patch Notes

Patch 1.0.0


'Doing a job RIGHT the first time gets the job done. Doing the job WRONG fourteen times gives you job security.'

Welcome one and all to the first entry in our patch notes!

I'm hoping to make these updates semi-regularly to provide a one-stop location for you to find out what we’ve changed on the site. But, mainly it’s to show my bosses that we do carry out works on the site, albeit occasionally.

These notes will outline what’s new and provide explanations of why we have made improvements or changes in the areas that we have.  At some point in the future, we’ll refine how we present these to you, but for now, this will do.
-Tom (Head of IT, we think)

                          ///   Home Page   \\\                                                                                                                   
First things first, some of you may have noticed some rather big styling changes to the site. We have made some major updates to the homepage and our products list and the way they’re displayed.
The main thing to note is, the updated homepage now displays new products and our best sellers. This allows you to see some of the new product lines we’ve added as well as what’s popular so you can make informed buying decisions. Also for the quick purchase we have the stuff there so you can click it without having to navigate around the site. (what do you mean by this?)
For mobile and desktop, we’ve implemented a new set of category icons to help you navigate to specific areas of the site. These categories include, batteries, tools, iPhone parts, mobile, console, tablet, accessories, smartwatches, e-scooters, laptops, drones and everything in between. Our aim is to help you find what you’re looking for with as much ease as possible.
We’ve also outlined a section for new innovative technologies like ProtectionPro and Primo, links are provided to take you to find out more about them.

                         ///   Community Discord   \\\                                                                                                
As you may have already noticed, on the revamped homepage and within the header and footer of the site, we’ve included a widget that takes you to our new discord. RBC is the one-stop location to get help, mentor, ask and answer questions about repairs and connect with the wider repairer community. The community is run by techs for techs and you can check it out at: RBC
Everyone is welcome, from seasoned repairers to newbies; our staff are on hand during the day and most of the volunteers and admins are also running it in the evenings.

                         ///   Category pages   \\\                                                                                                        
A nice new addtional layout listview. This is mainly aimed at our trade customers for a quick browing of categories, to find the product you need. If you have any type of trade account this is now the defult view. However you can toggle back to the original gridview at the top right of the list

                         ///   Checkout   \\\                                                                                                                    
We have slowely been tewakign and chaning our checkout recnetly. From way back in 2021 moving to a 2-step system for the customer facing side. To adding a few new payment methods recently. This year we have introduced buy now pay later, in Laybuy for our reatail customers, and Hokodo for our trade customers. Both these systems allow you to place an order without the need to pay up front, but to pay back later in set installments. We have also added back Amazon pay, thanks to a new system on their side it seems to be far less buggy than previous iterations, and we have seen a lot of up take on this. 
As 3D Secure version 1 begins to winded down and not be covered by MasterCard and Visa in October this year, we have had to work under the hood as well. You may see in the coming months a new pop on the checkout to help verify your card, most of it happens behind the scenes but don't be worried if you do see this. As banking system move into a full 3DS version 2 ecosystem you will likely find more pops on your bank apps to confirm payments, us included. 
We also have very soon a whole new system of payment using forex technology, so keep your eye peeled for an announcement and patch note on that.

                         ///   Behind the Scenes   \\\                                                                                                   

In march we updated our backend system. This was a massive months long project but has allowed us to focus even better on the site and getting it to all work together. After some very early mornings, and very little working hour down time. The entire site was revamped. Thank to this we have been able to added more modules and apps. Two of which will be used in the next few weeks. The free gift module. Woo FREE, words we often like to hear. With the new module we will be giving deals, coupons, and more to help you out as the UK and the world entre uncertain times. How the customers will see this, is one of 2 ways. First we will run a coupon/sale that for instance buy a iphoen 7 screen get a free battery. You just simply have to place the screen in your basket and our helpful little elevs will add the battery for you. In some cases it might even give you a range of options on what you want to add. The second way is add qualifying items to your basket and either on the basket or the checkout page, add a coupon, and POW the free gift(s) aer in there. 
We hope the hepls out where we can and also encourages people to repair and not replace their devices #goinggreen
The other fun little module is our Bundles system. This will allow our marketing team to absolutely let loose be mindful of making profit to pay my wage. Creating repair packages and store set up bundles. From having a 'I dropped my phone in the bog again' and need a new everything, to I'm thinking of opening a shop and want a good deal on getting the right tools and parts in inventory. All in one easy place no need to add 15 different items to your basket. And for a cracking deal. 

                        ///   POS and Shop intergrations   \\\                                                                                 
This week we say goodnight to RepairDesk. It's been an interesting joureny and one of our first working with another company in the industry like this. Although it was off to a rocky start we did get there. And in 2020 we intergrated with repairdesk 1.0  After a great few year RD is winding version one down. And those of you who use it might have seen a new style change in prep for them launching version 2. We however are parting ways with RD, so RD x RB will only be a fan ship. However not all is lost for a new shape is on the horizon. I and our dev team over that past few months have been working on something bigger and even greater than before. So stick around to again find out more in the coming weeks (by the end of September, or Tony will have me for garters). 

                      ///   Customer Relations Management   \\\                                                                      

Please no, send help What a fun and enjoyable expierce, find new software suits and tools to use. As part of my role as the IT something here at RB I am often sent off on hunts for what we can get to help imporve the customer experience. And I've found the white wale of all customer service software, the CRM. In seriousness this can be great bits of kit when set up and used properly. For some time,