We're sponsoring The Restart Project

We’ve been sponsors of the Restart Project since June 2022. The Restart Project is a social enterprise dedicated to change the throwaway, consumerist model of electronics we currently live with. It’s also part of our mission to ensure that we divert as many devices from ending up in landfill by providing consumers with a steady supply of high-quality replacement parts.

What is the Restart Project?

The Restart Project began in 2013 out of frustration with the throwaway technology mentality and the growing mountain of e-waste lying in its wake. They believe that by bringing people together to share their skills, it will give ordinary consumers the confidence required to open up their devices. They provide people with the opportunity to get hands-on, talk about the wider environmental issues and what kind of products consumers actually want.

They’re also active campaigners for the Right to Repair and have been for over 10 years. The Right to Repair is a global movement designed to ensure everyone has the right to fix the products they own.

Why the sponsorship?

At Replace Base, we’re in the business of saving devices from ending up in landfill by supplying the parts consumers need to keep their devices going for longer. There is an incredible synergy we share with the Restart Project. They aim to educate consumers on how to repair their electronics while we supply parts needed to keep them going.

Our Green Credentials

Over the past 12 years we have saved tens of millions of devices from landfill, but we know we can do more. We’ve taken the first steps in the industry to actively replace product lines with reclaimed parts. Wherever possible, we're replacing stock lines with genuine parts removed from devices that were destined to end up in increasing levels of e-waste.

This puts genuine parts in consumers hands, while also reducing their e-waste footprint. Those genuine parts are backed by our excellent support and, in most cases, an unlimited lifetime warranty. Where reclaimed parts aren’t viable, we offer alternatives that are responsibly sourced for both the longevity of the part and from trusted sources with excellent and conscious manufacturing capabilities.

Reclaimed Range

Wherever possible, we put genuine parts into the hands of consumers. These parts were removed from devices that would’ve ended up in landfill but now they can be reused in another device.
Not only that, we’re so confident in our recovery processes that our genuine parts are backed by our excellent customer support and in most cases, shipped with unlimited lifetime warranty.

Where reclaiming the parts isn’t viable, we offer alternative aftermarket variants which are sourced from suppliers who share our values and ethics.

Find out more about our green credentials.