DottorPod iSclack EVO | iPhone & iPad Open Tool Tablet Suction Cup Glass Removal


DottorPod iSclack EVO | iPhone & iPad Open Tool Tablet Suction Cup Glass Removal

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Quickly and easily open your device, a must have for any workshop - Covered under our lifetime warranty
Shipped from our UK distribution centre.
Shipped from our UK distribution centre

Designed and manufactured in Italy The Dottorpod iSclack is the safest and easiest way to open an entire range of devices without causing any damage that other tools / opening methods can cause.

Primarily designed to open the iPhone range of phones (from the 5 all the way upto the newest releases) but can also be used on other devices from other manufacturers, so long as you have two surfaces you can stick the suction cups to. The new design is stronger and produced to fit the newer models and no longer requiring brackets to be changed.

Using the iSclack EVO is straight forward, once you have the suction cups fitted to the front and back of your device (and any screws are removed) simply squeeze the handle, it can be locked in 2 positions, either 50% open or 100%

The tool uses 2 suction cups to seal to the device then gently apply pressure to separate the glass panel, the tool can also be used on shattered glass with the 2x included re-usable adhesive sheets.

Ideal for any workshop, DIY repairer or hobbyist.

Part: iSclack EVO

Manufacturer: Dottorpod

What's included:

  • iSclack open tool main body
  • 2 x detachable suction cup tools
  • Quick use guide

Condition: New

Product Type: Open Tools
Origin: Partner
Brand: Dottorpod
Compatible Brand: Various
Compatible Model: Various
Condition: New
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