Primo by Red Wolf

Red Wolf brings to the industry, the world’s first smart polishing system. With over 20 years in the polishing industry, Red Wolf combines precision mechanics, intelligent software and chemistry to yield optimal surface restoration for every mobile device.


About Redwolf


Our global network covers over 60 countries and has collectively more than 100 years of experience in the technology industry. We have pioneered dozens of products and solutions that have positively impacted millions and millions of people across the world. Our team has deep experience in everything from phone repair, software development, chemical science, software engineering, and hardware design. We've been to every corner of the globe and worked with the biggest and best companies on the planet. We’re passionate about building great products, delighting our customers, and making the world a better place.

After running thousands of physical and simulated jobs, our CNC generator creates the exact path for what your device needs. Our heat control system ensures the correct interplay of chemical and physical interactions to provide the optimal polish. A cloud-based system gives you valuable real-time data for a single location or hundreds in your network. Our system works on everything from your mobile to your desktop allowing you to work in enterprise or retail environments.

Set up is easy, place the device in the machine, open the app to choose your polish settings, apply some polish, and you’re ready to go! Watch as the machine gets to work removing scratches from the surface of your device. In about 10 minutes you'll be done! Since we've removed and smoothed out a few layers of atoms from the surface of your device, the beautiful slick oleophobic coating will then be restored to the surface of the device.

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  • Intelligent Learning
  • Compact
  • Profitable
  • Environmentally Friendly

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